A picture is worth a thousand words. Napoleon Bonaparte
Fairy Zolina

Fairy Zolina is my tooth fairy, she is very nice. I love receiving her letters and finding out more information about her and fairyland.

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Hi, you arrived to my web site. Welcome!  I am 10 years old and enjoy …..well many things….keeping my room nice and tidy, taking care of my dog Knight, LOVE StarWars, my favourite food is soup with stars (tomatoes soup with pasta shaped as stars)….I can cook it myself.

I like competitions, I enjoy netball, meeting and spending time with my family and friends.

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Sir Knight

Meet our family dog Sir Knight, he is a cocker spaniel blue roan born 1st April 2007. Loving and gentle by nature he is the Greatest family dog.

His favourite toys to play with are empty plastic pots and balls. From the first day we saw him, being 6 weeks old, we fell in love with him. When he looked at us with his puppy eyes, who could possible resist him 🙂 He is not only handsome but has the most gentle loving temperament.

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